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Blushing leaves


I went to look at the poinsettias among our potted plants on the windowsill. Two of the plants still hold some red leaves despite we are in the month of August. I will always be amazed by nature.

“My plant is crying!” I called out to my husband. “One of the poinsettias? he asked coming  over to look at the plant. “No, another plant” I answered. Looking at the leaf he said, “That is a dewdrop.” I said, “I’ve never seen dew on an indoor plant.” Barry shrugged, what could he say? I’m still certain the plant shed a tear.

Like a lot of other folks, I talk to my plants. I think my husband secretly talks to them too, and that is why the plants from Christmas still cling to blushing leaves. He still makes me blush now and then, so why not them?

On the surface plants stand motionless, unless we use time lapse photography to catch them stretching, unfurling leaves and bringing buds to bloom. I don’t have the equipment to do time lapse poetry, not yet! Perhaps some day I’ll have the chance to learn what caused an indoor plant to cry.

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6 thoughts on “Blushing leaves

  1. Wow!! Nice writing…

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  3. My mother is always amazed by my plants. They haven’t died yet. Her plants mostly die.

    1. You must communicate with them!

  4. such a beautiful feeling my dear.. I am sure plants have soul and if we talk to them ,they talk back to us. Such a touching post. I am warm after reading this.

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