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The bus ticket



Today is my birthday, and thank you! I am going to treat myself to a ride on a Transit Windsor bus with a free ticket that was dropped off at my office for me. I don’t know who dropped off the gift, but it is appreciated.

A very close friend, so close she registered my husband and I as her family, is in hospital for a heart condition. Next week she’ll be taken by ambulance to London, Ontario for double bypass surgery.

The person who left the ticket for me does not know it became more than a mere token. Their gift provides me the transportation to visit with my friend at her bedside, thus two people were gifted.

For those of you that pray, a prayer for  Sarah-Lynn’s perfect health is a beautiful gift that will mean a lot to me. She is our hardest working volunteer at Street Help Homeless Centre of Windsor. Many a homeless client has benefited from her outreach of love.

Most of us have heard of the Good Samaritan: well, that is Sarah-Lynn. On every occasion that has presented to her, I’ve watched in awe as she fearlessly and lovingly embraces everyone who needs a hug and words of kindness. Dirty clothing, dirty hair, horrible smells and body sores do not get between her and her clients.

It is my honor to share my birthday with Sarah-Lynn, and, I’d bet anything she is going to reach out to give me a hug.

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4 thoughts on “The bus ticket

  1. Happy birthday. Long life and prosperity. Enjoy your trip😘

  2. Happy Birthday ! Yes, know that I shall keep Sarah-Lynn in my prayers <3 (((((((HUGS))))))) <3

  3. Blessings on you and Sarah-Lynn.

  4. Happy Birthday <3
    And thank you for following my blog.