Our spectacle

The rains had come and gone and anxious for some outdoor time we’d piled into the van set to go to destinations unknown. Aren’t those the best kinds of days? When you just go where life takes you, a turn of the wheel for no apparent reason or allowing whim to chart the course. And so we’d packed a cooler with sandwiches, sliced veggies, fruit, cold drinks and snacks.

The turn of events came when the drive unexpectedly was halted by a muddy rut. Why hadn’t we seen it before it was too late? Well that is easy to explain! We’d all been looking at a massive rainbow that suddenly filled the sky. The driver, overcome with the sight had failed to avoid the pit.

We waited a good long while before calling a tow truck to rescue us. There was no other traffic on the deserted dirt road so we concluded we had reached our destination. Pulling the cooler and folding chairs from the van we tailgated, absorbing the sight of the most fantastic rainbow any of us had seen.

I’ll never forget that day as we sat there absorbed in our spectacle God choose for us to see.

© Zora Zebic 2016


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