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My pen to hand

Shadows cast upon face

This photo is how I see him in my mind, not much of a face or person for that matter. He’d stolen songs I’d cowritten with him and published them as his own. No royalties for me. For many years I refused to write again until waking one morning to words of wisdom.

In my dream state God had said to me, “There are people all over the world who have fallen in love listening to your words. Your thoughts are enjoyed by millions. Is it so important they should know you are the author? Is your anger at his plagiarism so great you would reject this gift I’ve given you?”

I’d resumed my writing poetry, songs, stories and memories that day. Rejoicing that I’d been shown his shame on every occasion he saw his own image in a mirror. He accepts false praise and money that is not his to have while I retain the joy to know the gift from God was mine.

I thank God for coming to me in my dream and gifting me a piece of advice that saw me take my pen to hand again.

© Zora Zebic 2016

2 thoughts on “My pen to hand

  1. As always, a very enjoyable read. Short,but none the less enjoyable <3

  2. So glad you’ve started writing again. You have so many tales to tell!

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