Bed of Eden

Photo by: Ernest Barry Furlonger

They have no place to call home. Most have expended their welcome at the homeless residential services and at the homes of friends and family. Mental health issues are the primary cause.

It usually isn’t long until people, finding themselves in this position take to self-medicating. Drugging or drinking to fade out the pain and to hide from the grinning face of Suicide, who seems to be the only one beckoning to them.

We operate a service called Street Help  Patrol. We hire the homeless to provide outreach to the homeless, offering a helping hand; sleeping bags, appropriate clothing, food parcels and precious clean water. Our homeless workers know where to find their brethren, the safe-to-sleep spots. The homeless always fear the evil ones who will come along to beat and rob them in their sleep.

It looks idyllic, seeing folks resting where Mother Earth beckoned them to lay, saying, “Be my guest.” This isn’t camping and it really isn’t very long until Winter will rear his brutal head to reclaim this temporary bed of Eden.

© Zora Zebic 2016


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