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Your boy

sleeping homeless youth

I am your boy, you brought me into this world in your love. Love that created me later abandoned me, when I proved to be other than the norm.

I do not want to suffer in my mind, or suffer in any way. I do not want you to suffer for my  lack of mental health. I yearn that you would still love me, despite my journey through this other reality that enclosed me in it’s cage.

I am your boy.

© Zora Zebic 2016

3 thoughts on “Your boy

  1. Lovely, the journey of unconditional love and acceptance. <3

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    I’m not able to volunteer as usual on this Monday.
    So, here is a poignant post by Christine Wilson-Furlonger, the administrator of the shelter StreetHelp in Windsor.
    Keep the shelter in mind…serving 250 people daily now rather than 200 because of the heat.

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