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Mamma’s cup

I am so parched, get me some water! No, not that stuff, it isn’t filtered. Now don’t go on about how the water looks so clean. Everyone knows there are zillions of little bugs in just a cup, a zillion enough to put me in a coma. Jut go to the tap over there.

What are you doing with that cup? Put that kettle under the tap and fill it up. Then put it on the stove to boil it real good. The boiling will kill the bugs for sure. Don’t go on now about the city and their purification. They put bleach in the water is all.

When the kettle is boiled go in the box in the freezer. The ice cubes are from the pure water that was boiled then put in the trays. The ice will help the water cool enough so I can have a drink. Ah finally, you are a good child. How kind to get your mother a cup of water.

© Zora Zebic 2016