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Break from reality

He asked, “Why are you putting earrings on a doll?” I looked over to him and smiled. It seemed to agitate him that I had not immediately answered and he demanded, “I bought you those crystals for you to wear!” He had put heavy emphasis on the second you.

I said, “Oh Dear, sometimes you think as seriously as the snobbish tourist noticing the Michelangelo he has been admiring is a worthless reproduction!” He looked at me, stunned a little I am certain, and I continued, “There are times a lady has to take a break from reality and allow her girl-heart to play for a time like the unsullied child she’d been.”

To that he kissed me on my forehead and reached his hand to pat the doll on her head saying, “Enjoy yourselves ladies.”

© Zora Zebic 2016

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