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Wondrous variegation

I looked into the box and immediately my eyes were captivated by the swirls and dots of colours. The cupcakes underneath beckoned, “Pick me, pick me, I am so good for you!”

I broke my gaze away and lowered them to the swelling of my belly, though not from child and sighed. I wondered why the things destined to help me drop some weight seemed so achromatic.

A joyful notion sprung into the midst of my pensive musings, saying to me, “Rose coloured glasses!” I ruminated on this for a brief moment and reasoned , “No, but rainbow coloured ones for sure. I would see wondrous variegation on my salad plate!”

I pondered this for a bit and then asked myself, “Where will I find such spectrum-inducing shades?” It was at that moment I knew I would have to manufacture such shades myself.

To the dieting masses I could advertise, “Never deprive yourself again! You’ll never want to eat another salad minus this mirage!”

Certainly a chimera of thought, yet, such a nice break from reality and the mundane. To that I dutifully resumed forking from my plate of greens.

© Zora Zebic 2016