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When things need to be explained more thoroughly

Do not use oil or butter in popping chamber.
The warnings are clearly written on the plastic chute!

This hot air corn popper came in with donations at our homeless centre. I immediately wanted to take a photo of it!
I was instantly reminded of a neighbour from long ago. She was a beautiful young lady, a girlfriend of a local doctor.
She came knocking at my door and asked to borrow my corn popper.
I like being neighbourly, so I showed her how to put the corn kernels in the chamber of the machine. I explained the butter was placed in the removable dish at the top.
I cautioned her a second time as she scooped it up not to put butter in the chamber of the machine.
She knocked on my door the next day. Oil dripping from the popper onto the hallway floor.
I exclaimed, “I told you not to put butter in the chamber of the machine!”
“I didn’t!” She responded indignantly, “I used white margarine.” All I could do was retrieve the destroyed corn popper from her greasy hands.

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