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Trying to be neighbourly

Am I stressed right now? Heck YES.
I am in Amherstburg at our little house, adding the finishing touches to our financial report. We hope to mail it out on Wednesday.
My brother runs into the house, yelling, “Call 911 somebody just cut his hand off!”
I was horrified thinking my brother meant my husband, and in his anxiety couldn’t say who the injured party was.
It is not my husband. I thank God when I see he is running behind my brother to offer help.
I also have run out of the house and already dialled the emergency number. The operator is on the phone. She wants to know the exact address, and I am telling her I am rushing, despite my asthma to the neighbour’s house.
I arrive and find the injured man has had his injury wrapped by another man. The dispatcher tells me an ambulance is on the way.
A man, whom I will guess is a family member screams at another neighbour and me. “Get out of here. We don’t need an audience.”
The lady beside me says, “I’m a Personal Support Worker I just came to offer help.”
I say to the man, “I just called 911.”
Another woman, I also think is a family member tells me the hand was not wholly cut off.
I realize these people are traumatized and leave the scene.
I hope the man will be okay. I’ll end this with a prayer for him.