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The vacated cross

A large crucifix was donated to our Street Help Homeless Centre of Windsor.
We attached it to the doorway leading from our dining room to the kitchen. Some folks commented it was a rather crude depiction of Christ but, I felt it was folk-arty and deserved to stay in place.

A cross with an image of where a plaster cast image had been affixed.
He has arisen!

I had not paid attention to detail and had I done so I would have noticed there was no door stopper. It was inevitable the crucifix would slam against the wall causing the plaster cast of Jesus to lose his head.
Many ideas, including mixing more plaster and slightly elongating the neck to carpenters glue were suggested. I thought we should go along a different path. Ultimately we removed the remaining pieces, and the end result was astonishing!
A volunteer remarked the cross was odd without the figure of Jesus attached. I smiled and said to her, “In reality, Jesus is no longer on the cross. I think it is a great visual Easter message.” She said to me, ” I like how your mind works!”

INRI Crucifix
Crucifix with Image of Jesus Christ

Another donation of a crucifix came in the other day. We have put a door stopper in place to protect the new image of Jesus. We will establish a place of honour for the vacated cross, along with the words, “As our Lord Jesus Christ no longer hangs on the cross, so does this cross depict.”
Albeit late, Happy Easter everyone!

© Zora Zebic 2019

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