“All the pleasantries of home.”

“Hum. Perhaps you could string up some tarps?”

“There isn’t anyone for miles and I’ve seen you on the commode at home.”

“This is different. A stranger could canoe by and get an eyeful.”

“I’m fairly certain most canoeists would turn their heads. They are a decent set of people, for the most part.”

“What if a bear came along?”

“Seriously? A bear wouldn’t know if you had clothes on or not.”

“Still, it would embarrass me.”

“If a bear came along I think you would have a lot more to worry about than embarrassment!”

“Well, it doesn’t even have a seat. Do you just plop down on it, as is?”


“There is another issue. No toilet paper holder, and, it’s a good thing I thought to pack some.”

She laughed and he smiled, remembering the first time he’d taken her camping. The woods had almost scared the city-girl right out of her.

© Zora Zebic 2016

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