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outdoor commode in woods

“All the pleasantries of home.”

“Hum. Perhaps you could string up some tarps?”

“There isn’t anyone for miles and I’ve seen you on the commode at home.”

“This is different. A stranger could canoe by and get an eyeful.”

“I’m fairly certain most canoeists would turn their heads. They are a decent set of people, for the most part.”

“What if a bear came along?”

“Seriously? A bear wouldn’t know if you had clothes on or not.”

“Still, it would embarrass me.”

“If a bear came along I think you would have a lot more to worry about than embarrassment!”

“Well, it doesn’t even have a seat. Do you just plop down on it, as is?”


“There is another issue. No toilet paper holder, and, it’s a good thing I thought to pack some.”

She laughed and he smiled, remembering the first time he’d taken her camping. The woods had almost scared the city-girl right out of her.

© Zora Zebic 2016

5 thoughts on “City-girl

  1. I am fascinated that it has a lid.

  2. So funny! Reminds me that I have almost the same pic but in front of the sea. No bears there…

    1. lol, it is a fun memory

    2. Thanks and I love the sea! Glad to know they accommodate the same way!

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