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Crabapple man

ripe crabapples

I stepped off the sidewalk and onto the grass to capture a photo of luscious-looking ripe crabapples. I said to my husband, “I hope not to meet crabby people, upset by my trespassing.” Barry said, “The man is looking at you and smiling. I would think he is happy to see someone impressed with his garden.” Indeed, an elderly man was looking over at me and I waved hello. He waved back and I felt relieved.

It is so nice to encounter a friendly soul. So often in life we can meet those who do not understand the innocence of our actions, in my case that I could not resist capturing an image of this fruit. It was a lovely moment in a day of almost overwhelming concern for a friend recovering from a triple bypass. Though we were deep in the midst of a the city of London, Ontario, there stood fruit trees displaying the gift of life. I knew God gave this sign to me to unburden my heart with the knowledge all would be well.

© Zora Zebic 2016