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A virtuoso

multi color leaf

When I first spotted the leaf I was certain it was a painted garden accessory. Not able to contain myself, I reached out to touch it. The leaf was a spectacle of both beauty and ugliness, clashing colours offset by white.

A small pink flower nestled in a bed of green leaves called out, “I am so pretty.” Yes the small flower was delicate, lovely and frail, though it did not have what it takes to capture my attention.

I thought how Mother Nature’s artistic spirit flounces from surreal, to dowdy, to vibrant, to bold, to visionary, to peaceful, to vicious, to gentleness and so on. She is a virtuoso like no other. So many of us yearn to create a small indelible work of art in hopes to earn a nod, however brief, of her approval.

I sat back on my heels and took a moment to enjoy the melody of the breeze singing in the treetops and broke out into a song of my own. I felt as though a hand gently brushed against my cheek and rested then enveloped in her peace.

© Zora Zebic 2016

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