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Sweet memory

second hand store $4 footstool

“Would you look at that!” I’d exclaimed, “I just bought one for $4 in a second hand store thinking I had had one before, and it was your footstool I was remembering!” Mom laughed as I took a photo of her old footstool and said, “I’m sure I’ve had it for a good fifty years.”

Isn’t it incredible I would recognize a small stool despite the little mountain of photo albums that had obscured it from view for years. I went back in time to my teenage years when I’d first paid attention to mom’s footstool. It is a sweet memory of a young girl.

I’d thought then how it was so old fashioned and how it had looked rather quaint beside her birdcage housing her pair of canaries. I’d watched as the birds had gazed down and had thought how maybe they were wishing they could fly down to sit on the leaves and peck at the flowers.

old fabric covered footstool
© Zora Zebic 2016

Mom’s footstool is rather faded after the many years of service it has given her. The faded flowers are still beautiful though and, I’d like to think her canaries spirits perch on the stool to keep her company.

© Zora Zebic 2016

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