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Neck potion

Skin replenisher in green bottle

I purchased this little green bottle with reservations of the veracity of the manufacturers claim. I didn’t purchase this hope for my face, I have my oily skin to thank for keeping many of those lines away. So far!

Sadly, the oil glands have not been there for me from the chin down. As I’ve aged I have averted my eyes from the mirror each time I see “the neck”, as I not so lovingly refer to that portion of my derma.

I can tell you, lately, I look more endearingly at my neck. The Drops of Youth is working, and it is almost spellbinding to see the remarkable difference. I’m not one to promote products, but this one, well, I am impressed and happy to share what I now call my “neck potion!”

I feel good to reclaim some of my youth, and a lady needs a boost every now and then. A man asked me today if I was married and I replied, “Of course I’m married, look at how beautiful I am!” I realize it is okay to toss about a little swanky charm. Besides, it isn’t every day a man makes such a query.

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2 thoughts on “Neck potion

  1. The neck! Oh, the neck! I think I need to buy this product, too:) Thanks for sharing!

    1. I apply to damp skin. Forgot to mention that. I find it works better, it is “concentrate”. 🙂