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Unexpected kindness

painted tree sculptures in London, Ontario

Early in the morning my husband and I stepped off our train in London, Ontario. We debated for a moment to hop into a cab to our bed and breakfast room but decided against it. Check in time was not until 1 pm so we thought it would be best to have breakfast first, to then call to ask to drop off our bags early. Our friend was in the hospital for an emergency surgery and we wanted to get there as soon as we were able.

We walked over the the Covent Garden Market which was a couple of blocks away. There we had a standard yet enjoyable breakfast. We thought to go sit in the shade for a bit to enjoy the local scenery. This gave me the opportunity to snap a few photos of colourful tree sculptures. I searched a bit on Google and found this Wikimedia link for the metal trees!

My husband called our host where we would lodge and the man agreed to allow us to drop off our bags early so we could attend the hospital right away. When we arrived at the Inn-Chanted Forest we were surprised to learn our room had been made ready for us!

There are times when our needs seem as out of reach as the moon, and other times the fates step in to offer an unexpected kindness. I tuck loving memories of these days away to ponder on at other times I may feel life is attempting to defeat me.

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