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Hues and shimmers

Faux flowers in vase

I began my existence in China. Leastways, that is what was on the paper label they affixed to me before shipping me to the store in Canada. I sat and whiled away the hours admiring many others of my kind, though of varying shapes and colours. I am singular, yet some of my kind were in bunches.

One day a lady came over to where I was propped up with the others. She picked up two like me and then I was lifted up. I heard her say to a man who stood with her, “These will look wonderful in my new vase.” The man had said to her, “I am truly amazed with you today. Usually shopping is complicated.” To this she’d said, and I never felt so proud to be me, “It only took one look for me to see the beauty of the green nestled among the orange petals. They will be a perfect match to the hues and shimmers of their new home.”

© Zora Zebic 2016