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Thanks duck

white duck on pavement

We set up our trailer for a week at Campark Resorts in Niagara Falls. We’d taken a great-niece and two great-nephews so they could have a chance to visit Marineland Canada. They had no interest in the aquatic life or other animals and wanted instead to go on the rides.

All three children demanded toys, very expensive cheap souvenirs. They busied themselves pouting, stomping feet, parking butts on sidewalks and arguing how cruel I was to insist they at least look at the main attraction, the animals.

I realized it would have been a better use of our money to have waited until the local carnival came to town. For less money the three children could have feasted on junk food, played carnival games and had passes for endless rides all the days the carnival was in town.

Despite my frustration with the behaviors of the children I had great moments. One of those was the duck who insisted I take his photograph! He blocked me, quacking and pacing back and forth until I knelt down to snap some pics. I’d initially thought the duck wanted me to buy feed from the vendor but when I put my camera away the duck turned and ran back on the grass and into the water!

I’m glad I’ll always have a photo and memory of the duck who insisted portraits can turn a bad day into a great day. Thanks duck!

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