“I don’t know my name or even what you call my species, nobody has ever told me. I do know that I fascinate you sufficiently that you would ask me to pose for a photo. Thank you, I too love my iridescent blue hue.”

The photographer smiled at the creature and he continued, “I don’t mind a brief hesitation to fulfill your desire to capture a digital memory of me, however, my quest for food is unstoppable. If you look about me you will see the dried twigs are not sufficient to satisfy my hunger, and, this sand is hot enough to cook me in my shell. I’ll not stick around to become another’s dinner. Enjoy this brief memory of me!”

Suddenly the creature turned and scurried away. The shutterbug, quick herself to act, took a snap of his exit. She scanned the recent photos of her old Kodak in hopes she’d captured his image well.

© Zora Zebic 2016

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