Green Mickie D

It would perhaps be our last visit to Montreal. Our son Carlos had achieved his Master’s Degree at Concordia University and he was set to return to Toronto. We planned a little extra time for a fond farewell of this beautiful and exotic Canadian city.

I spotted this sign, unique to me as I’ve grown accustomed to seeing the yellow on red version here in Ontario. I searched trusty Google’s Images and found these examples of the McDonald’s signs.

It was interesting to click on the few green examples of the sign, and to read even some controversy. This is a sign in Prague, Czech Republic. This sign image is from Renewable Films. This sign is located in London, England. There are a few more examples you can browse.

I found this 2009 image of Mickie D and read the green sign is a German initiative! I wondered if they know that in Montreal. My photo of the sign with rusty hanger looks rather old, just saying’. Without learning the history or origin of the Montreal McDonald’s green sign I relegated it to one of the things we leave behind?

© Zora Zebic 2016


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