When Doctor O met Catbird

I asked my husband, “Was there a real Doctor O to name that sign after?” Barry answered me with a snappy query of his own, “The more interesting question is, who is this famous Catbird?”

Our questions would lead me to an online search to discover why, how and when Doctor O met Catbird. It was a rather fruitless search, but fun none the less.

I found Doctor O, however I am not too convinced the city of Toronto would name a city lane after this character. Catbird, on the other hand proved to be a rather interesting possibility and a great read in Wikipedia.

Admittedly, my search of the internet was not a quest of depth. Google is great for doing these tedious chores for me, leaving me much more time to snap more photos of folks and things that catch my eye.

© Zora Zebic 2016

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