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I lay abandoned in this culvert and I was so happy when you took a photograph of me. It pleases me to have captured your interest and grateful my existence will be recorded. Now that you have my image, I want to tell you about me.

I was created in the womb of gigantic building. Humans toiled to build my parts to then assemble me. When my feet were fitted with shoes that rolled me about I felt almost animated! Along with others of my kind I was shipped to another building, not quite so gigantic as the place of my production.

In my residence I daily met with humans and learned so much about the uniqueness of each of them. It was exhilarating to witness as among my kind we have no diversity, that is until one of us loses a wheel or some such thing!

I met the humans who tossed their tins of food into me, not taking heed of potential damage to their tins or me. I learned they were labeled agitated and other names. The travel about the market was always slow with the white haired of your kind, I found them such a mellow bunch. The little ones were most often fun, latching onto me to ride or sitting in my upper basket. They pulled and tugged and kicked me but with no intent to aggravate!

I met other humans like the dressy clothing types who always placed organic and expensive things in me, as they often talked about their meals at places called restaurants and this is why I concluded they never filled me. Others filled me to overflowing and I never understood why they could not simply come back to wheel me about more often, I would have enjoyed that.

I have so many more memories but I see that you are turning away to snap other photos so I say thanks for letting me share some of my memories for posterity. I will rest here with the broken chair and spent fire extinguisher and listen to their memories of their creation and existence before they were discarded.

© Zora Zebic 2016

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  1. Such a beautiful metaphor for being used and forgotten! 😀

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