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The fire had raged, flames shooting up to the skies as fearsome black clouds of smoke billowed. Warnings were issued to nearby residents to stay indoors. Fortunately none were physically hurt by the carnage.

While it is sad to see businesses burned away and jobs lost, an interesting view is left behind. Peering into the remnants of the structure, it is fascinating to view the green of nature through the window. The remaining bricks, appearing as a set of stairs leading to blue skies, look so inviting yet entrance is forbidden.

One thing puzzled me about this view. A hydro pole stands unaffected, how did it and its tentacles of wires come out unscathed?

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  1. Is it a real incident?

  2. Here is another link:

    My shelter is one block away. I was driving into town when a friend called to tell me about the fire. We were very worried but the difficult fire was eventually brought under control.

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