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The big banana yellow canoe

I’d been dating him for a few months and was getting used to canoe trips, camping and reuniting with Mother Nature. I say reuniting, and that is a curious way to put it when I didn’t know then how much of a connection I had with her!
We were on the way to Point Pelee National Park with our big, banana yellow canoe on the roof of the old, white Chevy Astro Van when a highway cop stopped us. The policeman asked, “Do you know what speed you were going?” Barry answered, “Yes, I was 10 over.”
Peering in the window at me, the cop asked me, “What should I do? Should I give him the lowest fine or hit him as hard as I can?” I asked, “Is there a third option, none of the above?”
The cop laughed at that and said, “You are one lucky man to have a wife like that. The guy I stopped before you is not too happy. His wife told me to hit him as hard as I could. I buried him in tickets.” Laughing heartily the cop started to walk away, then stopped to throw over his shoulder, “The sky is great today for canoeing. You folks have a great day!”
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2 thoughts on “The big banana yellow canoe

  1. Great answer to the cop!

  2. Your posts are as far removed from mine as can be – no wonder I find them so delectable. Riding along 🙂

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