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Sacrificial tree remains

“Is there a reason your desk is always so cluttered?” This question has been asked so many times I have developed a standard answer, “This way I know where everything is with the bonus that nobody else can find anything.”
I don’t enjoy the clutter. It is agitating to see the piles grow into seemingly never-ending mini mountains of sacrificial tree remains. Still, I wouldn’t trade my existence for anyone else’s.
17 years ago I founded a homeless day shelter. At least 5 days a week you will find me cooking, serving meals or washing pots, pans and dishes alongside a group of very dedicated souls who also love to help the homeless. I am also the primary mediator when the need calls. At random times moments, like now, you may find me sitting at my desk.
More importantly than an organized desk, I am blessed to have a purpose in life.
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2 thoughts on “Sacrificial tree remains

  1. Your dedication to helping others is truly inspiring. Keep doing what you’re doing, the world needs more people like you.

  2. You ARE blessed to have purpose in your life. So few do.