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A church for Sarah-Lynn

Rev Bruce Lee Church

“Did my eyes deceive me?”

“No, you’ve made no mistake.”

“I thought he passed away.”

“You’re thinking of another guy with the same name.”

“Wouldn’t that be a church full of tame parishioners.”

“Indeed. Who would challenge a minister who is also a master of the martial arts.”

“Funny that.”

“Funny what?”

“They’d name it an art. It is a skill, is it not?”

“True, however, go to a club where they train. Every move is as artistic as dance.”

“Ahhh. I understand.”

“I read about this man online. He’s a fantastic individual who has done much to serve others. He opened a day care centre for seniors.”

“That is incredible!”

“He also supports mental health initiatives, trans rights, LGBT concerns, and, most importantly, he serves God.”

“Wow! This man is incredible!”

“So sad we have to leave today. The next time we come to London, let’s attend his service.”


“I want to bring Sarah-Lynn with us. She’ll be so happy we found Rev Bruce Lee and the Metropolitan Community Church. She may not want to come back home with us.”

“Windsor has our own Metropolitan Community Church. I looked that up online too.”

“Well praise God. Had we not seen this sign and been amused by the man’s name, we would not have been led to a church for Sarah-Lynn! Since she found God she has desired a church where she will feel completely accepted.”

“God does work in mysterious ways.”

© Zora Zebic 2016