Chai Tea to Warm the Soul

Ahh, to warm the soul!

The Dancing Herbalist

If anyone knows Carmen they know I can find humor in everyday mundane things. For example, when I’m working remotely at a coffee shop, I always chuckle when I hear people at the counter ordering chai tea lattes. You might ask what’s so funny about that. Well friends, chai is the Hindi word for tea, which originally comes from the Chinese word cha (as well as Korean), so here in the West, we’re literally asking for a tea-tea. Now do you see the humor?

Anyhoo, I love chai. It’s warm and inviting, sweet and creamy, and spicy. Masala chai means mixed-spice tea. So, similar to the garam masala food spice mix, it is composed of a wonderful mix of black tea, milk, sugar and various aromatic, pungent and spicy herbs. Drinking a nice warm, creamy cup of chai is a wonderful way to get a daily dose of an…

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