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A tale of two unusual ladies

Timeless wooden lady
Wooden Lady © Zora Zebic 2018


When she came into my home and had the nerve to turn my naked wooden lady to the wall, I had been upset. Who has the nerve to enter another person’s home and dare to move objects they deem objectionable? Isn’t it the rule is for the offended to simply leave?

Wooden Lady facing the wall
Wooden Lady rear view © Zora Zebic 2018

After the obnoxious woman finally left my home, I found reasons to laugh at her rude behaviour! It was obvious she had no understanding of the arts. The naked body has been sculpted for untold centuries. She deems herself an artist of sorts, so her action was telling, of her lack of artist’s eye.

Woman's face carved in wood
Wooden Lady face © Zora Zebic 2018

I looked at my wooden lady, purchased at a local thrift shop, and smiled. When I turned her face forward again, I noticed her raised eyebrows. I mused, was she surprised she had been noticed and moved or was she telling me it was time I should scrape and paint the walls?

© Zora Zebic 2018