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Homeless in winter at age 88

Today, I was blessed to meet a gentleman who is 88 years of age. He has been staying with us for a bit, clients told me he was abused by other residents at another place.
I could not believe this lovely senior citizen has been treated so badly, and with so much disregard. I promised him we are going to get him into an apartment, ASAP.
Then we are going to demand from every level of authority in the City of Windsor, Ontario and their funded/grant recipient agencies that a suitable housing apartment is found for him. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on everyone who will treat an Elder so badly.Homeless in Windsor in Winter at age 88

I searched for him online and I found he was a member of his band council for many, many years. I printed the history of Chippewas of Nawash Band and gave him a copy.
At first, he was not certain he should read it, but he turned to me, with deep sadness in his teary eyes, and said, “I haven’t heard or seen so many of these names in a long time. Thank you.”
I asked him if he had any relatives, and he said no. He was the very last of his family.
He gave me a big smile, and I told him I am going to help him get an apartment. STREET HELP is the little guy, in this battle against homelessness, but we get things DONE, and with LOVE.

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UPDATE: We may have located his daughter! I will try to connect the two tomorrow via video phone call! I will update again tomorrow! Also, we have made connections to reunite him to his community! God is Great!


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