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The Other Side

I suffered for a long time, from what I thought were weird dreams. It was not so much the content of the dreams but they were continued stories. I know, that in itself sounds strange!

An example of what I am trying to express is a) I had a conversation with a particular person b) I would ask a question, but wake before the answer c) the answer would be given d) the conversation would move on.

The above example would happen over 4 nights!

Not all of the dreams are negative. In fact, most are positive where I am talking to angels, noteworthy people who have passed on, and sometimes to relatives, I had never met!

hazeOften I am left feeling I am in a haze.

I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is when a person stops breathing for 10 seconds or more. Apparently, I stop breathing on average of 14 times an hour. I was told I am in the category of mild to moderate, closer to moderate.

Now all this makes me wonder; each time when I stop breathing, am I making mini trips to the Other Side?

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