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Incredibly edible

garden veggies in floral bowl

“I’ve made lunch.” I called out to husband who had busied himself poking about in his tool shed. He didn’t answer me, not being rude but rather not hearing as he is going somewhat deaf like me. I went out on the patio to get in closer proximity to his hearing range and called out the same message.

He turned to me, hearing this time and said, “Fantastic! What are we having?”

“Everything incredibly edible!” I answered him.

He looked at me puzzled and I laughed then said, “I came out and picked away at the garden. We’re having a salad from my small harvest of lettuce, wild onions, green onions, tomatoes, red basil, green basil, rosemary and a bit of lavender!”

Barry smiled and said, “That sounds very original to me! I’ve never heard of putting lavender in a salad.”

“I sprinkled a few leaves on my last salad to try it. I used very little because it can be very strong tasting. It made my salad pop!” I said.

Barry put down a drill he had in his hand and said, “Well let’s go make my salad pop!”

Nothing surpasses a salad hand picked from the garden.

© Zora Zebic 2016

5 thoughts on “Incredibly edible

  1. That sounds divine!

  2. Sounds wonderful Christine.

  3. Those tomatoes look absolutely perfect! Must try lavender sometime too!

    1. Just go easy on the lavender! It is very strong. The flowers are the best, fresh or dried. 🙂