Counting Blessings

Thanksgiving dinner is canceled this year. One year, a co-worker from Pakistan dined with us. Another time, a couple from China shared our meal. This year’s different. Our family’s cleaning up after a flood. No time to clean, shop, cook and entertain for the holiday. It is what it is. We’re thankful anyways.  Afterwards, we’ll eat pumpkin pie and drink wine. Cheers!

Twenty Things I’m Thankful For! 

1)      Pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top of it. Holiday calories don’t count, right?  

2)     My health. This body works well, day in and day out. All four limbs work. Never should I   complain after seeing others less fortunate in Haiti.

3)      Tim Horton’s pumpkin spice muffins. A special fall treat.

4)      My parents. Ages 90 and 94. I’m fortunate to have a chance now to help them out. It’ll never even out, I know!


5)     Dogs. How I lived the first 38 years…

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