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Dehydration of the spirit, mind and body

coconut water

I dip my toes into psychological h2o, while sipping on coconut water. I think I should write about natural ways to rehydrate the body to suddenly realize today’s blog is a confessional. A confessional on dehydration of the spirit, mind and body.

After a long absence from my blog, not intentionally self-imposed, I find a precious gift which I had not allotted to myself for some time; time. I take a deep breath and the blessing of spiritually rehydrating joy encompasses me. As I bask in this space I have allotted to me, me, me my spirit soars to heights long forgotten. It is almost dizzying to be blanketed with the self-gratifaction attained only by raising of the spirit!

I reflect on my instructions to volunteers at my homeless shelter during the past 17 years: “Don’t overdo it. Take time to care for yourself. If you overdo it and burn out, you can’t take care of others.” How easily we can instruct others while failing to follow our own advice!

I now recognize how I became tangled in the webs of the needs of others, to the point of causing myself harm spiritually, mentally and physically. I’m spent and I now comprehend how it  was only moments until I would have been forced to either turn down the road of indifference to others or that of a complete nervous breakdown.

These roads are a reality, unless I temporarily slam the door shut on the needy, needy, needy. I have needs and I must now concentrate on my own needs of rest to reclaim spiritual, mental and physical healing. I need this time and I’m taking it.

I do not feel even the tiniest pang of guilt. I cannot continue to remain emotionally overloaded. I cannot continue to snack away at foods, unable to find time to sit down to eat a nutritional meal. I cannot continue to allow my spiritual needs to be cast aside.

I cast away from me the depression that had set in, I denounce those who attempt to bury me in the blame of their own guilts that caused their own issues, I reject any further actions of others to prevent me from doing service to others as instructed by Jesus Christ. I reclaim me.

© Zora Zebic 2016

2 thoughts on “Dehydration of the spirit, mind and body

  1. Your writing will rejuvenate you and bring you back stronger than ever.
    Take the time for yourself. Xoxoxo

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