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Eating weeds

funny dandelion farm sign

I stopped to see an elderly man stooped over his squash plants. He held a small paintbrush in his hand and I said, “I love the shade you’ve painted the flowers.” He looked up and smiled at me, replying, “I’m transferring the pollen, not enough bees this year for a successful crop.”

He went on to explain the process and the tenderness of his brush stokes on the flowers fragile sexual organs and I’d felt my face get red. I laughed and asked about his dandelion sign. He answered me, “My wife bought it as a joke but I really do harvest dandelions. The leaves are great in salads, but only when they are young. I make dandelion wine too!”

You too could be drinking and eating weeds! Click these links for dandelion tea,  dandelion wine, and five dandelion salad recipes. Mother Nature has gifted us many free edibles, we simply have to learn the secrets of our ancestors to reduce our grocery bills!

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