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Sand in an hourglass

Hourglass on pillow

I married in 2008, August 6 to be exact. Today is my wedding anniversary! Throughout these eight years I’ve had time to muse on relationships and trust building. I’ve had a lot of bad relationships, and, I’ve had wonderful relationships that rotted at the hands of medlars. I learned not to trust, not to have faith in the reality of love, but then Barry caught my eye and his mine.

I remember the first time he’d taken me camping. We’d been dating for 6 months yet I still felt fear as he drove the van into the darkened campground. I had to work late so the choice was to go that night or lose most of the next day. I’d chosen that night.

He drove the car slowly and my fears heightened with each turn. It turned out I’d feared for nothing and when I felt guilty and told him of my concerns he smiled a gentle smile and pulled me close to wrap me in a warm embrace. Barry said, “I’m not hurt, I know you’ve been through a lot and it all takes time. I have all the time you need to come to the realization you can trust me.” I’d snuggled closer to him and cried some silent tears of joy, relief and hope. Hope of love, true, honest, decent and timeless love.

Today I gave Barry a Happy Anniversary card and he said to me, in sadness, “I feel so bad, I forgot our anniversary.” I smiled love his way and told him, “Don’t feel bad, I didn’t remember either until I walked by an ‘Anniversary Cards’ sign in the drugstore!” He smiled then and we kissed a little kiss, since we weren’t alone at that moment.

Today, I celebrate my love for you Barry, and like the sand in an hourglass, before the last grain can fall we’ll flip it and renew our love again, and again, and again.

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9 thoughts on “Sand in an hourglass

  1. Love is a beautiful thing. Happy anniversary!

  2. That’s so sweet… Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary. May you celebrate many more! 😉 xoM

    1. Thank you Margarita!

  4. Heartwarming story. Wishing you many more years of happiness together.

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