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Flying low

Female and male headless mannequins

It is a wonderful feeling to be free of the clock, to have time to stop and capture the image of an amusing sight. In Quebec city I noticed a mannequin flying low.

The only reason I’d taken the extra time to look more closely was the name of the shop Fuck la mode. How brave are the Québécois!

I gazed also at the superimposed reflection of pink clouds in a blue sky, the sun hiding in the treetops and an antiquated building. Then something else caught my eye. On closer inspection I saw him!

Flying low pants in store window
Trousers flying low

Do you see the reflection of the face of a man walking beside a woman, her sweater pairing colour with the clouds? It is as though he sees and gives a disapproving glare. Perhaps he was a disapproving local or a tourist like me. In any case his expression added to my amusement of the sight.

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