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Lovers in another life

Glancing back and forth from the melting wax to the view from her second story window of the street below worry creases began to depress into her brow. Pangs of regret of the purchase of the star shaped candles had begun to fill her empty chest.

It wasn’t the money spent but rather the foolishness of her believing he, the rock star, would have bothered to keep her address or remember his promise of dinner with her tonight.

She’d never been with any other. Her virginity had been saved for him alone. She’d been born in love with him. How long had she stalked him to find a way to meet with him? Hoping he’d remember they were lovers in another life. True, he’d gone on to other lovers blissfully unaware yet she had not been granted this same gift of new beginning.

She shifted in her chair to stare at the melting wax becoming fascinated with the resemblance to molten gold. The three small flames danced as sensually as belly dancers.

A soft knock on the door of her loft startled her with the realization he had kept his word and her face glowed more brightly than the flames.

© Zora Zebic 2016

2 thoughts on “Lovers in another life

  1. How romantic


  2. Nice 🙂 Love through eternity. Reminds me of Hawkman and Hawkgirl from DC Comics 🙂

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