I love this panoramic view of my husband Barry on the suspension bridge at Blue Mountain.
As a child, I had no trepidation of heights. Strangely our fears develop as we age.
I’d been breathless, clammy hands slipping from the rail on my third attempt to cross the bridge. A group of tourists waving little Japanese flags passed by, most dropping their gaze from me. I’d guessed they didn’t have the heart to watch my display of fear. One man though stopped, and he’d loudly said, “You’re not worth the money.” A young girl at his side had grown a look of shock at him.
I pondered what he said and realized he’d meant I had wasted the cost of the admission to the park. I resolved to get my money’s worth and cross that bridge.
The rowdy Japanese youth jumping up and down forcing the bridge to sway perilously did not make the crossing easier; but dammit I’d been determined to show that man he was mistaken!
When I’d reached my goal, crossing the bridge I’d patted myself on the back until the realization set in; I had to pass it once more to get back down the mountain! 🙂
© Zora Zebic 2016

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