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Toilet paper trail

She was always so melodramatic, my friend Lucy and today was just the beginning of another I Love Lucy Day.
I met her in the hallway outside the cafeteria of the hospital where we both worked and Lucy true to form sprouted an extra appendage; a trail of toilet paper from the bottom of her shoe. “Lucy, do you know about the toilet paper?” I asked with a sigh. “Of course! I glued it to the bottom of my shoe when I got in this morning.” That said, Lucy reached into her smock pocket and produced a small tube of glue. “Reinforcement in case it becomes unglued!”
“So this is how today will play?” I asked with a smile as Lucy melted her grin into her pretty pity face. Today Lucy had decided to capture herself a doctor.
I’d seen this gig once before in a bar. All night long other women pointed to the toilet streamer and giggled with glee. Lucy wore a pained look and as she walked past every guy she thought was cute while lamenting to me, “It is so embarrassing I had to wear these old shoes. Now everybody is laughing at me.” On every occasion, the ‘cute guy’ would glare at me, and I imagined they were thinking how terrible I was for not telling her about the toilet paper. Ah well, that was the price to pay for being Lucy’s friend.
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  1. Hey,
    Its sad when such things happen in front of “cute guys” 🙂


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