Bits of Eden

“Do you see it?” I ask the man who has finished unloading groceries from the trunk of his car. His was delivering gifts of food for our Street Help Homeless Centre of Windsor. He said, “I don’t understand.”

“The tree branches look like they want to reach down further to hug me. There is no-one else in sight, especially none that would want to hurt me. There is an unattended garbage can that might hold clothes for me to wear, or food for me to eat. I see peace and there is nobody to judge me.” I said.

He looked at me, I think with new eyes, and said, “That is what you meant when you told our church you had felt safe in the alleys when you were a homeless girl.”

“Yes, exactly!” I said excitedly, “Even when I was homeless God loaned to me bits of Eden to rest my weary bones. The alleyways gave my soul refreshment. I understand well the expression ‘God can be found in the unlikeliest of places’, He can be found even in a narrow alleyway.”

© Zora Zebic 2016


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